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Online Portfolio Management

View, invest, track, and manage all your investments with MyTFCC.

Direct Investments 

Identify investment opportunities and invest at your convenience right through TFCC’s secured online platform.

Exclusive Opportunities

Our investments are exclusively offered via the MyTFCC investment platform to our selected group of accredited investors

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Identify an opportunity

TFCC identifies and originates premium investment opportunities by completing a comprehensive due diligence and underwriting review.


Fund the Investment

TFCC funds the investment.

Invites Accredited Investors

TFCC invites its accredited investors to participate in up to 90% of the investment amount keeping a minimum 10% stake in every investment.

Investor Payments

Per investment payment schedule, clients receive their interest payments and repayments.

Quarterly Reporting

Every quarter TFCC provides a detailed update on each investment.


Investors can conveniently monitor and track their investments through the MyTFCC portal.