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Company Overview

Established in 2009, Terra Firma Capital Corporation is a private real estate finance company with head offices in Toronto, Canada. Terra Firma’s management has a long and successful track record in the real estate finance business. Our relationships and relevant industry experience enable us to provide customized solutions in a timely manner. Using a fully integrated management structure, we are uniquely positioned to cater to all classes within the real estate industry.

Strategically, we create value by investing in development projects managed by seasoned real property developers with broad and deep knowledge of local markets. Our success is enhanced through our on-going active management, creative structuring and flexible financing.

Trusted Partners

Terra Firma works with a number of professional partners, with long-standing relationships that add a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our business.

Terra Firma Investment Strategy

Why Terra Firma?

Terra Firma Capital Corporation provides lending services where quality real estate development intersects with the best human capital. In a sea of like-minded financial institutions, Terra Firma understands risk through an insightful and very different lens. As a non-conventional lender, Terra Firma approaches lending from an equity (or principal) perspective.

Terra Firma focuses on quality commercial and residential development land and project financing. We only invest in well-established developers who are bankable but are under served by conventional banks. We target urban and suburban developments in high growth markets in Canada and the United States

Collectively, the Terra Firma executive team has approximately 100 years of real estate experience.

Benefits to Using Terra Firma

Terra Firma Capital Corporation offers a complete financial program, ranging from low leverage first and second mortgages to land banking. Known for its flexible approach to structuring transactions, Terra Firma has the ability to provide both debt and equity financing.

With a commitment to vision, good governance and earning our client’s confidence, Terra Firma delivers a full spectrum of structured real estate financing solutions to developers and owners.

All of Terra Firma Capital Corporation’s real estate lending activities are conducted through Terra Firma MA Ltd. Terra Firma MA Ltd. is a Mortgage Brokerage and Administrator that is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA)

Mortgage Brokerage  Terra Firma MA Ltd. (Licence #12425)
Mortgage Administrator Terra Firma MA Ltd. (Licence #12346)

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